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Belarusian Gomeltransneft Druzhba organizes fire-fighting exercise


OAO Gomeltransneft Druzhba has organized an exercise, participants of which practiced fighting a fire at premises of the company's branch Line Operations Control Station Mozyr, BelTA has learned.

According to the scenario of the exercise, vertical steel tank No.22 with the storage capacity of 20,000m3 was hit by a lightning. It ignited fire under the steel lid of the oil tank. The floating roof was depressurized and fire spread across the entire surface of the tank.

The workers notified the management and the emergency services and started dealing with the emergency. Workers of the Line Operations Control Station Mozyr were assisted by firefighters of firefighting, emergency, and rescue unit No.4 of the Gomel Oblast branch of the Emergencies Ministry, who arrived at the scene.

During the exercise the readiness was tested of various departments and the management of the enterprise for emergency and rescue work as well as interaction with Emergencies Ministry personnel in an emergency.

According to Gomeltransneft Druzhba, the exercise was a success, the simulated fire was extinguished within a standard period of time.

BelTA – News from Belarus