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22 February 2021

Belarus approves measures to implement budget law

MINSK, 22 February (BelTA) – The government of Belarus has approved measures to implement the law on the central budget for 2021. These measures were formalized by the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 95 as of 18 February 2021 that was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal, BelTA informs.

The document details individual budget expenditures in 2021 and sets forth lists of departmental decisions that shall be drafted and approved this year in order to implement the law.

In particular, the Defense Ministry, the State Security Committee, the State Border Committee, in agreement with the Finance Ministry, will determine the procedure of planning, using and accounting for funds received from selling secondary material resources and precious metals.

Regional executive committees and the Minsk City Hall in agreement with the Transport and Communications Ministry and the Finance Ministry will draft lists of roads and streets that are to be built, renovated, overhauled or repaired, as well as the scope of their financing.

The resolution entered into force after its official publication and extends to the activities launched from 1 January 2021.