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17 December 2020

Belarus' active longevity strategy aimed at enhancing quality of life in old age

MINSK, 17 December (BelTA) - The national strategy Active Longevity 2030 provides conditions for social involvement and full participation of the elderly in the life of the society, Tatyana Fyodorova, head of the main department of social services and social assistance at the Labor and Social Security Ministry told the media on 16 December, BelTA has learned.
“People over 65 years old account for 15.4% of the total population in Belarus, and this figure is growing. According to forecasts, the share of elderly population may reach almost 20% in 2030. The society will be changing and this should be taken into consideration while planning all the areas of activities. The strategy stipulates the main areas of societal development taking into account the demographic aging of the population,” said Tatyana Fyodorova.
The main goal of the strategy was to create conditions for elderly citizens that would help them effectively realize their potential. The focus will be made on adjusting state and public institutions to the aging population.
Ensuring the protection of the rights of senior citizens, creating conditions for their social involvement and full participation in the life of the society is the first task of the strategy. Plans are in place to set up councils of elderly citizens at the local executive and administrative bodies. “Thus, the experience and wisdom of the elderly will be used for the common good,” Tatyana Fyodorova stressed.
All necessary conditions will be created for elderly people wishing to continue working after retirement. Support will be provided for economic and entrepreneurial activity.
The elderly will be invited to take part in volunteering and creative activities the development of clubs. Active and energetic citizens will be featured in the media and social advertising.
There are plans to expand access to education and advanced training for the elderly. Educational programs will be run for citizens of pre-retirement age, and special projects are planned for the elderly. “There are universities of third age, and clubs of interest in the country where older people can learn the basics of computer literacy, foreign languages. These areas will be further developed,” said Tatyana Fyodorova.
Special attention will be paid to creating conditions for healthy and safe living and active longevity. Older people will be invited to attend physical and health organizations where groups for such people will be set up. About 26% of people aged 60 and over do sports today,” added Tatyana Fyodorova.
Other objectives of the national strategy are the development of social services, infrastructure and living environment adapted to the needs of older citizens.
The strategy envisages the creation of conditions for independent and fully-fledged life of elderly citizens, sustainable improvement of the level and quality of their lives, active and healthy longevity. “This strategy may help Belarus create a society for all ages. After all, the conditions that are comfortable for the elderly will benefit all,” stressed Tatyana Fyodorova.