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29 July 2020

Belorusneft Siberia acquires new-generation drilling rig

GOMEL (BelTA) – The northern branch of the Belarusian industrial group Belorusneft has acquired a state-of-the-art drilling rig, the company’s press service told BelTA.
The Belorusneft Siberia enterprise has commissioned a new-generation Russian drilling rig BU 6000/400. The rig will be used to perform services for Rosneft’s daughter enterprise – AO Sibneftegaz. The project provides for drilling two pilot boreholes 4,655 meters deep.
Made by Uralmash NGO Holding, the new drilling rig meets all the market requirements. The drilling process is automated. The control system allows monitoring and changing all the parameters in real time. The drilling rig with the lifting capacity of up to 400 tonnes allows drilling boreholes up to 6,000 meters deep in any Arctic weather conditions.
Before drilling the boreholes the oil service enterprise Belorusneft Siberia will have to perform geophysical exploration. The results will be used for a geological study and an economic evaluation followed by the planning of two horizontal sections in productive strata.
According to the source, the availability of such a drilling rig is a convincing argument in favor of choosing Belorusneft Siberia as a contractor. Now the enterprise has a competitive edge on the Western Siberia market. There are plans to acquire another drilling rig like that for drilling teams of the Belarusian enterprise operating in Russia’s north.
OOO Belorusneft Siberia is part of the Belarusian industrial group Belorusneft. The branch was established in 2008 with a view to offering such services as sidetracking, well drilling, well workover, flush water accompanying services, controlled-angle drilling, and plugging operations.

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