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3 September 2019

Belorusneft seeks American expertise to reach unconventional oil reservoirs

GOMEL, 3 September (BelTA) – American specialists intend to help Belarusian oil industry workers with reaching unconventional oil reservoirs. The idea was discussed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the petroleum consulting company Miller&Lents Robert Oberst visited Gomel, the press service of the Belarusian industrial group Belorusneft told BelTA.
Possible cooperation may focus on hard-to-recover reserves such as reservoirs with extremely low permeability.
American expertise can come in handy for developing several sections of the Rechitsa oil deposit in Belarus. Belorusneft specialists are now busy conducting complicated and large-scale studies. A roadmap is being implemented to evaluate the potential and prospects of recovering unconventional hydrocarbons.
For instance, a number of operations are being performed at well No.411 of the Rechitsa oil deposit using the Plug and Perf technology. A horizontal well is drilled as part of the process followed by multistage hydrofracturing and oil recovery. The well's structure is complicated. The deviation angle is large and the length of the horizon well is nearly 1.2km long. Most of the operations represent new experience for Belorusneft, the company's press service noted.
If compared to the regular multistage hydrofracturing operations Belorusneft does, the Plug and Perf technology delivers a large and more aggressive impact on the formation. The larger coverage area and the higher number of stages of hydraulic fracturing are the main advantages of the technology.
Representatives of Belorusneft and Miller&Lents discussed prospects of bilateral cooperation. American experts will study materials and research results and will consult the Belarusian company about the technology and methods of performing operations.
Miller&Lents is a consulting company that has been offering the services of certification of deposits, auditing, and independent evaluation for 70 years already. It has worked in all the oil-bearing regions of the globe.
The Belarusian industrial group Belorusneft was founded in 1966. The company specializes in the surveying, prospecting and development of oil fields, well drilling, oil and associated petroleum gas extraction in Belarus and a number of other countries.