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19 June 2019

Belarusian oil industry embraces new digital systems to control oil extraction

GOMEL, 19 June (BelTA) – The Belarusian oil company Belorusneft has started introducing new digital systems to control oil extraction SKAD-3104-SKS in the Siberian asset of the company – OAO NK Yangpur, the Belarusian company’s press service told BelTA.
The Siberian enterprise received 15 sets of the digital oil extraction control systems developed by Belorusneft’s engineering division BelNIPIneft. The product represents a new generation of hardware designed to control the operation of electrical centrifugal pumps or progressive cavity pumps. The automated solution allows receiving correct data in all equipment operation modes.
BelNIPIneft has also come up with another cutting-edge solution to control extraction wells – Tsikada-01. Mechanized wells in Belarus are being refitted with the new system now. These products allow operators to monitor parameters of downhole equipment, which is several kilometers below the surface.
BelNIPIneft specialists continue improving existing downhole telemetry systems and designing new ones. They are in demand in Belarus and abroad. These products are often unique considering the parameters they have. For instance, a product compliant with requirements of Lukoil and Rosneft is in development. “We’ve also started field testing unique equipment designed to control bottom-hole conditions in real time during hydrocracking operations,” representatives of the company told BelTA.
These products and other technical innovations improve the performance of equipment, its reliability, reduce the loss of time and materials in the course of oil extraction, and decrease capital investment in the necessary surveys.