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10 June 2020

Belarusian agricultural machinery manufacturer Gomselmash increases export

GOMEL, 10 June (BelTA) – The Belarusian mechanical engineering company OAO Gomselmash exports more than 65% of the machines and vehicles it makes, the company's press service told BelTA.
The company exports a total of about two thirds of the output. In addition to shipments to traditional markets of Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan the company intends to ship machines and vehicles to Moldova and Armenia by the end of H1 2020. Plans for the second half of the year include export shipments to Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and African countries.
In January-April 2020 Belarus' largest agricultural machinery manufacturer considerably increased its sales growth rate and its export growth rate in comparison with the same period of last year. The figures reached 166.2% and 158.9% respectively in monetary terms. In January-April 2020 the stock in storage dropped by Br143.3 million.
The company intends to make over 300 machines and vehicles in May-July in addition to the previous plans.
Gomselmash representatives underlined that the company exports a broad range of machines and vehicles. Various modifications of the advanced grain harvester KZS-1218 and the highly reliable harvesters KSZ-812 and KZS-10K make up a considerable part of the export volume. Foreign customers show a strong interest in the new hybrid-type grain harvester KZS-3219KR and the gas engine harvester KZS-4118K. The latter is a unique product no other manufacturer in the world makes. Director of the company's Marketing and Advertising Center Dmitry Mulyar noted that the company sees steady demand for the high-performance forage harvesters KVK-8060, KVK-800 and their modifications as well as the K-G-6 complexes. The company now exports the new self-propelled mowers KS-100 and KS-200, trailed and mounted mowers, including the top-of-the-line model KPR-9 and its modernized versions. Gomselmash also takes orders for the delivery of a broad range of adapters for grain and forage harvesters, tilling machines, sowing machines, crop sprayers, and a broad range of other agricultural machines.
The Gomselmash management attributed the high growth dynamics to the launch of implementation of the updated strategy on developing the holding company till 2030. The document has been developed taking into account today's reality, Dmitry Mulyar stressed. The strategy is geared towards more actively exploring high-priority target markets, which include about 20 CIS and non-CIS states.
Meanwhile, Gomselmash constantly improves, expands, and renews the product lineup.
The Belarusian holding company Gomselmash is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machines. It is one of the leaders on the world market of harvesters and other sophisticated agricultural machines. The company uses the Palesse trademark to market lineups of grain and forage harvesters, ear corn harvesters, potato harvesters, mowers, and other agricultural machines. Palesse harvesters are used in fields of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea, and Baltic states. Gomselmash operates an extensive distribution chain, joint ventures, and assembly enterprises.