Address: 7, Lenina Street, Buda-Koshelevo, 247350


Phone/fax: +375-2336-2-50-00

The Buda-Koshelevo District Executive Committee Fountain in the town of Buda-Koshelevo Moiseyenko Art Gallery Buda-Koshelevo District Cultural Center
The Buda-Koshelevo District Executive Committee
Main Economy Construction


The region has 2 construction organizations employing about 200 people. Within the last five years the region has constructed 258 houses with the total area of 24,315 thousand square meters.

The region’s largest construction sites are individual country houses, regional hospital, reconstruction of sewage disposal plants and deironing plants.

The 2005-2007 program envisages gasification of all houses in Buda-Koshelevo.