Address: 7, Lenina Street, Buda-Koshelevo, 247350


Phone/fax: +375-2336-2-50-00

The Buda-Koshelevo District Executive Committee Moiseyenko Art Gallery Fountain in the town of Buda-Koshelevo Buda-Koshelevo District Cultural Center
The Buda-Koshelevo District Executive Committee
Main Economy Agriculture


The agro-industrial complex is made of 10 agricultural production cooperatives, 10 municipal and 3 republican agricultural unitary companies. The republican agro-industrial unitary company Osobino accounts for 50 per cent of the region’s gross agricultural production.

The region specializes in plant growing – grain, potato, flax, vegetables and cattle-breeding – milk, meat and eggs.

Agricultural fields account for 81,182 hectares, of them 47,976 hectares are arable lands, 1,339 hectares – gardens and berry plantations, 31,867 hectares – meadows. The agriculture involves 4,473 people.