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2 February 2017

Belarus, Egypt to work out agricultural cooperation roadmap

MINSK, 2 February (BelTA) – Belarus and Egypt will work out a roadmap for cooperation in the agricultural sector, Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zayats told the media on 1 February.

“The delegation of Egypt has arrived to Belarus to get familiar with our vegetable production, poultry, beef and grain processing methods with a view to set up similar plants in their country. They liked greenhouses and saw the Belarusian commercial dairy farms, poultry and beef production and processing processes. We have agreed to work out a so-called roadmap to boost cooperation in the farming sector in order to implement all the things discussed today,” the minister stressed.

Belarus is interested in selling its beef, poultry and dairy products to Egypt. “We need to develop new markets. Today one should work hard to sell his products,” Leonid Zayats said.

Egypt is interested is stepping up cooperation in the areas such as greenhouse construction in Egypt, the production of frozen meat, milk powder products and oils for baby food. “Cooperation will be developed at various levels, including the import of Belarusian products, the exchange of technologies and training of specialists,” he explained.

The head of the Egyptian delegation hailed a high level of technologies applied at the companies shown during the trip.