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13 June 2019

Belarusian specialists drill gas well in Ukraine in record time

GOMEL, 13 June (BelTA) – Belarusian specialists have drilled a new deep well within a record time – 3.5 months. It is unprecedented for the Ukrainian oil industry, the press service of the Belarusian industrial group Belorusneft told BelTA.
The construction of well No.72 in the Semirenkovskoye gas condensate deposit began on 24 January. The well is 5.5km deep. The work was supposed to be done within 176 days. However, the well was ready within virtually 110 days – more than two months ahead of the schedule. The well is the fourth site drilled by Belarusian specialists in Ukraine. The well’s drilling has resulted in commercial inflow of gas condensate. Innovative technologies and the best international practices were used as part of the project.
Belorusneft’s operation in Ukraine is handled by the daughter enterprise OOO Service Oil. The well was drilled in line with the contract with the company DTEK Oil&Gas.
According to Belorusneft Deputy Director General for Production Denis Vorobyev, they managed to do this work within such a short time thanks to smooth work of the entire team working at the site.
“Construction processes have been optimized. Lengthy preparations have been arranged. Belarusian drillers came up with ways to optimize things in order to achieve maximum results. As a result, we’ve managed to keep drilling while simultaneously preparing for the next stage,” Denis Vorobyev explained. He noted that such methods are used at consequent sites already. “All of it will allow commissioning the wells faster while customers will get additional profits,” the executive said.